Geodesic Inspired

It seems geometric design and objects are everywhere right now. While the trend for geo stuff may be winding down, I just cannot get enough of the natural forms of raw gems.

Amber Ibarrechevia Pugly Pixel

via Exceptional Gems

For more gems and visual treats, check out Unurth on Pinterest.


Magdelena Bors//

Extraordinary in the ordinary- Melbourne base photographic artist Magdelena Bors creates fantastical scenes. Much like discovering the fairy under a flower in your backyard, she weaves narrative tales into the domestic landscape.

Woodland Scene

Castle on the Hill


In her words:

I am a Melbourne based photographic artist, whose practice to date has predominantly explored the idea of the sublime in the everyday. I have done this by constructing then photographing fantastical landscapes made from everyday objects found in domestic spaces.

Read more at her site: Magdalena Bors