Brice Bischoff// Bronson Caves

These gorgeous photographs by Brice Bischoff created in 2009 have been lingering in my mind. They have an amazing ephemeral quality and were taken in man-made caves that were appropriated by Hollywood in numerous classic westerns and sci-fi movies.

Haunting and Beautiful. Enjoy!











There’s a fantastic interview with Bischoff at Dont Panic mag.

See more of his work at his website.



Geodesic Inspired

It seems geometric design and objects are everywhere right now. While the trend for geo stuff may be winding down, I just cannot get enough of the natural forms of raw gems.

Amber Ibarrechevia Pugly Pixel

via Exceptional Gems

For more gems and visual treats, check out Unurth on Pinterest.

Royal Mint//

Need your spirit animal? Look no farther.

Royal Mint creates adorable felted critters to help on your path! I am not too sure I can resist too much longer…

honey bear - wool felt miniature bear

aussie summer spirit bear 2, felt bear soft sculpture

pino and his dino

See Royal Mint’s etsy shop for more delightful hand-felted friends.