Glass Blown Beauties// Kiva Ford

Aren’t these amazing?

See more of his work>> Kiva Ford @ Etsy


Moss’n Around

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What can I say, I love moss- Nature’s fur! I came across some fantastic wearable one of a kind pieces by Mr. Lentz. Not only is he making beautiful pieces that capture the textural and colorful contrast of the forest, he is also fearlessly following his own path. You can read about his journey and celebration of creativity at his blog.  The wearable Redwood pieces are available at his etsy shop and are quite reasonably priced.

Natural Moss Tree Pendent $38



All Natural Wood Metal and Moss Ring $38

Natural Moss and Wood Pendent Necklace $32

Natural Wood Vase Pendant Necklace $32

Revisions Design Studio

This week we are highlighting numerous designers who create new beautiful objects from something found.  Each has taken a material and transformed it into another life.

The first designer for the week  is Revisions Design Studio. They have several offerings; however the one we love best is the use of antique silver spoons as jewelry.  They transform the handles of decorative silverware into gorgeous wearable art.

Revisions is located in Michigan and is a group of talented multidisciplinary designers.  Their objective is to “draw a very natural interaction between people and our products.”  They create everything by hand in their studio. We love that they are handmade warriors!

Rings $21.50 at Etsy

Also among their design catalog are beautiful porcelain egg candles packaged in a reused egg carton with a freshly hatched porcelain birdie!$29.95 at Etsy

A beautiful porcelain butterfly for you to cherish!$22.95 at Etsy.

See more of their work at:  Revisions Design Studio

Get your own: Etsy

Stay tuned for more fantastic examples of reuse and artful design!