Under my own private moon…

The other night I had a distinct moment of stillness. In the midst of an intense practice- breathing hard, legs at a failing point- I looked up. There peering down at me was the moon.  She was cool, calm, collected, and seemed to be there just for me.  I was struck with thoughts of the universe’s persistence and enormity, despite our tiny struggles (and how large they seem to us).  Universal, yet private, the moon triggers so many memories- and regardless of setting, looking at her is a very private and personal experience.

This moment is fueling some jewelry experimentation. In my research, I came across the following artist’s project- “Private Moon”. It is so beautiful, I just had to share.

In the artist’s words:

The concept of a “private moon” and the eerie light of the photographic images were immediately compelling to me and they continue to evoke a longing inside of me which is born of actual experience in my life as well as the sensate memory of the great stories of my childhood., read to me by my father. We all are bathed under the moons light and she affects us all and all things around us. Yet our contemplation, our longing and questing, ultimately leaves us alone; alone with our private moon.

The sky is near. /Open the attic and you’ll see/ there next to the wasp nest/ rings the blinding light/of the lost moon.

Having wrapped the Moon / with warm blankets / he treated her with autumn apples, / gave her a cup of tea.

Like a lunar unicorn/ Under the covers she/ shines even brighter

After everyone has gone to bed/ go to the window and there/ the crescent moon has appeared to you

I cross the dark river/ to the high bank/ where the lunar evergreens grow

I grope about in the dark/ carrying the heavenly light on my back/ in a swarm of sparkling bees

A bundle of light is the moon/ on a sleigh. The sky/ worries, when will he return?/ Where have they taken him?

To the high bank / overgrown with moon pine-trees.

These were created as a collaboration between Leonid Tishkov & Boris Bendikov.  They constructed the “moon light” and took the photos with a large format camara.  You can read more here and here.

Leonard’s blog is here.

Aren’t these beautiful? This modern fairy story full of magic and wonder. Doesn’t it just get your imagination spinning?


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