Adventure is worthwile in itself.

Time, space, place… these are all huge sources of inspiration. I touched on autumn a couple posts ago with a little mental food from Thoureau but there is still more to say here.

Autumn is…

a time of transitions.

a time to feast before winter fasts.

the beginning of the end of the year’s cycle.

full of color and fragrance.

a time to get closer to those you love.

about letting go.

Summer is a traditionally for adventures, but be sure to get out and about in this beautiful season.  Last year, I explored the Northern Rim of the Grand  Canyon. It was quiet, crisp, golden from the changing aspen leaves, and glorious in the distinct autumn light.

Aspen on Fire

Take Aways-

The Grand Canyon is grand on a micro scale as well. The forest glitters as you walk along the rim from the crystallized geology. Moss and tiny textures are a feast for your eyes.

It calls to you. The Canyon has a presence, like the sirens in greek mythology. It pulls and entrances, drawing you into its folds. Its almost frightening in some ways, like a Lovecraft story. You feel its secrets, but they are beyond your grasp.

It is ancient. You can feel it.

The north side is not a desert. There are beautiful trees, herd of deer grazing, and really adorable squirrels with pointy ears.

Life and death exist side by side in unique ways. The rim trails are littered with the carcasses of trees, impaled by lightening strikes. The electricity is palpable.

Rogier Houwen

Get out there. Adventure on! While you do, consider your creative triggers. Give yourself the space and the time to ruminate on all you see. …  now where should I go this year?


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