Washed ashore// philosophical Gifts from the Sea

Working on my upcoming product launch, I was brunching with a friend and discussing the tale of my product.  Storytelling is a huge part of my new objects, since the inspiration comes from distinct geographic triggers and the tales that spin from them (more on this later).  In the conversation, she suggested I read A Gift From the Sea.

Written in 1955, the book contains musings and ruminations of what it means to be an independent human being and the challenges in balancing such a life. What is really interesting is she writes this from a little shell of a beach house, surrounded by her favorite shells she has collected. She picks up each one and learning from their individual properties, provides a lesson for each. Beautiful…

Many of her words about social pressures, connections, and balance  ring VERY true, having been spoken in other iterations during our current time.

Plant your solitude with your own dream blossoms.

Nurture your inner world as much as your outer. For creatives, these clear moments of solitude are so necessary to refill our reserves and allow us to create.

Her reflections happened while she had the vast sea in front of her. Sometimes certain places have this effect on us- give us a clean slate to bounce our inner and creative thoughts off of and get our wheels turning.  I have a couple places like this- the sea is one, the redwoods another. What places do this for you?

So beautiful is the still hour of the seas withdrawl…
as beautiful as the seas return…
when the encroaching waves pound up the beach
pressing to reach those dark rumpled chains of seaweed
that marked the last high tide.
Perhaps this is the most important thing to take from
beach living, simply the memory that
each cycle of the tide is valid,
each cycle of the wave is valid,
each cycle of the relationship is valid.
And my shells? I can sweep them all into my pocket.
They are only there to remind me that the sea
recedes and returns eternally.

Poetic, philosophical, and in so many ways like the sea- eternal.

Hear the waves yet? Maybe its time to reconnect.


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