Jennifer Angus// Creatures Big and Small

Jennifer Angus has a beautiful  exhibition over at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles.  Utilizing the natural rainbow of colors found in the insect world, she has created a large pattern based installation of dried insects. Don’t worry, she didn’t use any endangered species! Each step shows you more detail and depth, drawing you in as a viewer to the tiniest aspect of the creatures.   I love that you get a sense of grandness and miniature scale by creating such interconnected patterns of such tiny detailed items.


“We don’t have very many ‘Wow!’ moments anymore in this age of Internet. We’ve become a bit jaded,” says Angus, “I am trying to capture in my work the magic we experience as children. I would like people to discover it once again and for a moment just stand there and say ‘Wow!’”

from CAFAM website

image from Inhabitat



Seeking to raise environmental awareness for endangered species and environments, Jennifer has chosen her subject matter carefully. She sees insects as essential members of the environmental community. They are our pollinators, aid in decay, and are essential links in the food chain.

If you are in Los Angeles, drop in to check it out. Exhibit is up until September 11th. Im definitely going to stop by one more time before it is down!


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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Angus// Creatures Big and Small

  1. Very interesting. I saw an exhibit like this once quite a while ago in SF. I think it said that this type of art was actually done frequently in the Victorian era.

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