Tim Knowles

I just discovered this amazing artist Tim Knowles. (Thank you Pinterest!)  He creates art pieces that collaborate with objects’ movements or show their paths through space. The pieces are essentially performance, with the remnants what you see in the gallery.

What is really interesting to me is how he is recording and seeing phenomena in a different way. Much like we record events as memories, vidoes or pictures, he is recording them through their vibrations or movements. By doing so, he creates a sense of wonder for me. Through the images I can feel the place- the wind in the tree, the moon over head…

Here are just a couple of his projects.

Night Walks//

A series of illuminated walks made at night and recorded as long exposure photographs.
The Artist walks away from the camera [mounted on a tripod, shutter open] carrying 3 very powerful torches fitted with diffusers, the lights are connected to a 12volt battery in a backpack to prolong their life.  As he walks the torches illuminate the route, drawing in the landscape.  The walks follow paths, ridgeways or compass bearings some for over an hour.

from artist’s website

Valley of the Rocks

Full Moon Reflections//

Long exposure photographs of the fullmoon reflected on undulating water.

from artist’s website

Wolf Moon on the Serpentine, London

Tree Drawings//

A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches, the wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper.  Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.

   from artist’s website

Stonethwaite Beck, Smithymire Island, Borrowdale, Cumbria


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