Cloud Watching

Sometimes there is nothing more peaceful than a sunny day in the park, grass tickling your skin as you lie back and simply watch the clouds flow by.  This simple act evokes so many childhood memories.  It is a pastime as ancient as we are- such a simple show of appreciation of life.

Today’s post is about, yep, clouds- those fluffy conglomerations of air and water and one of nature’s most ephemeral muses. This post also highlights a few lovely photos from our Etsy friends.

“I love the clouds… the clouds that pass…
up there… up there… the wonderful clouds!”

The Stranger, Charles Baudelaire

Heart Cloud, author unknown

Brooklyn Print, Alison Samborn  $25 @ Etsy

Fluff, Alison Sanbourn  $25 @ Etsy

Wading Through the Sea, Karen Clarke  @ Etsy

Cloud Bunny, author unknown

Aim High Greeting Card , Gilding Lilies  @ Etsy

Looking around for lovely puffs, I stumbled upon a fun and quirky club: the cloud appreciation society. Take a look at their manifesto, it will make you giggle, then look up and sigh….

Ok, grab your blanket… lets go find some of our own….

In case you need a little more inspiration, here’s a few more cloudy treasures…

Dietrich Wegner @ Pulse

Storm Cloud Basking in the Sun via Flickr

Cloud girl via Pinterest


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