Eva Zeisel

As things are getting busy and time in the  short, we thought it would be a good time to revisit one of our heroes- or heroines. Eva Zeisel is one of the greats in Modern Design and declared the “grand dame of organic design”.  A self proclaimed “maker of useful things”, she designs from the heart.  Creating designs with formal spontaneity, an eye for spatial relationships, and with an understanding of the emotional resonance of forms, her work is curvilinear and beautiful.  Eva’s work is a jewel among a crowd of hard-edged masculine Modern designers as a result of her work’s soft organic shapes, thematic relationships and perchance to beauty. Eva is our design mother! Her belief that the objects we use everyday should “bathe a home with grace” has become part of our manifesto.

Carved Table


Classic Century Table Set



Classic Century Salt and Pepper Shakers


Classic Century Teapot



Town and Country



for Nambe


The breadth of her work, which spans over 5 decades is too numerous to explore here!


Watch her talk at TED:


Her book, The Magic Language of Things, is a wonderful and gentle reference when you are stuck.  Her voice comes through clear and nurturing from years of teaching at Pratt and of making with joyfulness. Read her  book. This is a simple primer on seeing and making, acting as a delightful reminder to be curious regardless of your skill and experience.


“To create things to be used, to be loved, to be with, to give as a gift, to fit into a normal day, to match a festive mood, to be proud of, is to create the culture of the life that surrounds us.”

Eva Zeisel, “The Magic Language of Things”


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